3 weeks to go

The surgery is coming up fast!

I am starting to get nervous.  Met with the plastic surgeon today to get a little more specific information, but basically at this point it is just show up on the 26th.  He is going to talk to my family doctor about whether or not to put me on anti-virals after my surgery to reduce the risk of another shingles flare up.

Had a good lesson today working on the smooth routines.  We got through the waltz routine from top to bottom and looped around and about halfway through the tango routine.  I am enjoying working on smooth, it’s a nice change.

I seem to have a little more energy today and I haven’t had to take any heavy pain meds–just good old regular ibuprofen.  I hope that is a good sign of things to come (fingers crossed!).  I am still taking it easy though and not pushing my luck.  My next lesson is tomorrow and I am sure we are going to continue working on the tango.  I think of all the smooth routines it is the most complicated.

No practice this weekend due to most of the competitors being at a major competition on the mainland (good luck to all!), but I am hopeful I will be able to get two more practices in before my surgery.

Short entry tonight, but I am still processing things from my medical appointments this week and mainly just trying to stay focused on getting better!

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