Back in the studio

At least a little.

I had about half a lesson tonight–well a whole lesson but we only danced for part of it, the rest we did some evaluation and talking which was needed.

I have had a lot of demons come up about standard lately which I am trying to sort through, and is very hard to do when faced with the changes I am going to experience from my surgery.  They may just need to wait until after when I see how everything works together.

I am going to be returning to competitive practices this weekend, including standard, so that is good.

I took 3 days off to just rest and let my body recover some.  I am still in pain from the shingles, but it is slowly getting better.  The rash is now just a few sores, but really itchy.  The cold burning sensation is lessening some.  I am hopeful I will keep recovering.

It was good to take the time from dance, but I was glad to get back in the studio tonight even if just to dance a little.  We started working on the open smooth waltz routine and I can tell already I am going to look forward to working on these.

We had a talk about competing after my surgery and into the new year.  The plan is/was to do a big competition in the US in the spring, but more and more looking at the exchange rate it doesn’t look like it would be worth it.  It would cost me almost $2000 more after the exchange rate than a comp in Canada right now.  That is worth a pause for sure.  So we are looking at Canadian options for the new year to try and find a competition that has a good depth of field and interesting offers for scholarship and multi-dances.  I have some new research to do.

On a different note–my video of my solo at the competition has had over 4000 views now and has been shared a lot.  I was even interviewed by a local radio station about my experiences dealing with breast cancer and dancing.  It should air on November 7th.  If I can, I will post a link here to the interview.

That’s all for tonight.  Next week I plan to make both my lessons and perhaps even get into the studio for some practice time.  I need to slowly work myself back into activity to keep myself strong before my surgery, while still allowing myself to recover.


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