WDC World Professional Latin Championships

What a great competition to watch!!

I caught the semi and final on live stream and it was absolutely amazing.  There is a lot going on in the world of latin right now!  Big congrats to Riccardo and Yulia for their win, and to Maurizio and Andra and Stephano and Dasha for their 2nd and 3rd placings!

I actually found the more interesting part of this competition to see who would make the final and the placements from 4-12.  There is a lot of movement going on and Troels and Inna are certainly making an impression.  It was interesting to see that Justinas and Anna came in 7th, just missing the final–very impressive for a new partnership!

I also found it noteworthy that Nino and Anna decided not to compete in this competition and I wonder if it had any relationship to how they placed at the recent ‘International’ competition in the UK.  I had heard a rumour that they blamed politics partly for their placing as he was previously WDSF, but I watched that competition and while they were good there just seemed to be some fluidity lacking to his movements.  I think it is brave of him to decide to compete under WDC especially after being world champion under WDSF, considering the marked differences in styles that is emerging these days.

But I am just an inexperienced amateur in the end, so I fully admit I may not know what I am talking about I just know what I like.

I was a little surprised to see the Jone’s move down to 9th place after making the final at the International, but watching their dancing in the semi there seemed to be moments when they almost seemed anxious and worried and weren’t quite having as much fun as they usually exude.  In some ways, I think their choreography might also be just a little too much on the ‘showcase’ side of things for competitive rounds.

Just my opinion, but I do hope they regroup and hope to see them in the final again at the UK Open in January!

I was also really proud to see that 2 other Canadian couples made the quarter-finals of the championships–Bravo to them!

On a personal note, the hometown performance went really well last night, and now I am done with performing until after my surgery.  Today I am taking it easy and taking the pain meds I am supposed to in order to help my body heal from the shingles and start getting stronger for surgery.  I think I will cancel my lesson tomorrow to give me some more recuperation time and see how I am feeling by Wednesday.  I need to get rid of this pain in order to get the rest I need to get better.  Oddly, once the pain is under control I am stuck with insane itchiness–so calamine lotion is now my best friend.


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