Post Comp

I made it through!

Honestly, until I finished I wasn’t sure if I would.  But I was able to get through all my dances, starting from my solo to my last 5-dance event.  I got really high marks from all judges for my solo and the main comment was to make sure I always close my feet, but the solo itself went really well.

I will write some more thoughts about the competition later on, but for now I will say it was a really well-run competition for a first year comp and one of the better competitions in the local area.  I wish there were more pro/am competitors at my level, but generally in the area the competitors are either above or below me or older so that makes competing here tricky.

I will leave you with a video of my solo.  I am usually very good about keeping the veil over my blog, but in this case I am going to make an exception.  This solo was done to represent my journey dancing through cancer treatments and I dedicate it to all those fighting the battle with cancer–no matter what type.  Boss did an amazing job on the choreography and I couldn’t ask for more.

Here you go: ‘Fight Song’

I hope you enjoy!


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