Final preps

The Competition is tomorrow!

It still seems surreal to me, and I keep asking myself–“Am I really doing this?”

Yep, I am.  And I know that even with the shingles and fatigue and all the other craziness I have faced lately that if I didn’t do it, it would always sit bad with me.  I would feel like I let an opportunity pass me by.  Doing this competition has so far accomplished what I had hoped–it has given me something to focus on while I recovered from radiation and kept me from worrying about my surgery.  I don’t think I would have gotten through the last 3 weeks without this competition to focus on and keep me motivated.

Speaking of craziness, though–I have a friend who is soon deploying for almost 3 months who has to ship his pets to his family back east from the mainland.  Originally, I had volunteered to help him out with the transport of his fur babies and it was supposed to happen next week.  Unfortunately, some issues came up with where the animals are going and they have to be shipped today.  So in a few hours I am off to the mainland and back!  It’s unexpected the day before the comp, but doable with some advanced planning.

I won’t be back on the Island until almost 11 pm, so once I finish my morning coffee, I am packing up all my dance stuff which Boss will pick up so it will be in the car for tomorrow.  Myself and one of Boss’s other student are going to stay the night at his third student’s house as it is much closer to the ferry and will save us time in the morning.  Boss will meet us at 6 am for the 7 am ferry. OY!

This planning already brings me back to the last competition I did in January.  We ended up doing a similar thing.  We took the 7 am ferry together the morning the competition started, so it was an early day.  On the ferry, we paid the extra $10 to sit in the ‘lounge’, which is just a quiet area, and stuck to ourselves doing hair and make-up on the ferry.  It’s an hour and a half sail, so by the time we docked, we were all decked out.  That is the plan again this time.

The good thing about tomorrow is that we dance in the late morning to early afternoon, but then we have a big break that allows us to check into our hotel room, eat and (especially for me!) have a nap.  None of us dance again until the later evening session so we should get a good rest in.

The only big downside right now is that yesterday the blisters in the shingles rash started ‘popping’.  That means I have some open, raw skin on my back and more to come.  I was really hoping it would wait until Sunday or Monday to do that.  I have some dressing to put over it to protect it and the pain is manageable without pain meds.  I have cut back to only taking them at night so they don’t affect dance.

I had a lesson and practice yesterday and everything went well.  Boss recorded the solo and it is looking pretty good.  Some parts looked much better than I expected and we went through it from top to bottom about 5 times yesterday.  At the end of last night, I also went through all 5 dances, including a Paso with 3 highlights, so I know it is possible for me to do it.  My energy level was actually pretty good through them.  I am feeling pretty good about the preparations for this competition.  Boss made a point of saying the same last night–that he is really please with how things are looking.

Well, I should get onto packing my stuff together.  Wish me luck, and I will probably post on Sunday to let you know how it went as I won’t be taking my computer with me.

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