Less than a week

The competition is Saturday.

That started to sink in today.  Especially since I spent the last couple days pretty much in a drug-induced coma trying to withstand the shingles.

Thankfully,  I started to feel better today, and I can see that the rash is much less red.  I have been able to cut way back on the pain killers, and therefore the sleep.  Slowly I am starting to feel a little human, although I have to keep taking anti-viral meds every 4 hours for the rest of the week.  That is playing havoc on my sleep as I can only get about 3-3 1/2 hours at a time.  The important thing is that the medication is starting to work, and that is enough to keep me taking it as I need to.  I have a pattern of basically hear alarm, take meds, re-set alarm for 4 hours, sleep, repeat.

Tomorrow I go back to the dance studio.  I won’t say I am ready, but I am at least much more functional and my head is starting to clear out the pain meds, so I can at least think.

Boss received our heat list, and one of our 3-dance events got upgraded to  5-dance event free of charge.  It is an unexpected surprise.  Thankfully, there are 40 minutes to recover between the two events and it looks like 3 different couples in each event.  As they are open latin and I am doing silver routines I am fully prepared to come in 3rd 🙂

Usually this close to a competition my head is swimming with considerations like how to do my hair, make-up, what to pack, etc.  For some reason I am not there yet with this event, although I am sure once my head really clears I will be.  There just seems like a lot of week to get through first!


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