Big Hiccup

I spent the night in excruciating pain.

Needless to say, my morning began with a visit to the health clinic.  The first thing they were able to eliminate is that the pain is not musculature and I haven’t injured myself.  The pain is very deep in the tissue and bones. But that was about as much as they could figure out there.  I was in so much pain they gave me a shot of pain killers to try and control it.

Thankfully, the doctor at the clinic was able to get in touch with my radiation oncologist to get some answers–neither of which are very promising.

The pain could be one of two things (or potentially both).  First, it could be a side effect from the hormone therapy.  So the answer there is to stop taking it and see if it subsides in a couple days.

The second, more likely, culprit is radiation side effects as damaged nerves and tissue are starting to heal.  If that is the case then the pain could last another 2 weeks. I knew I might get some pain post-radiation, but I never expected pain on a level like this.  I was in less pain after my first surgery and parts of me were removed.


The only thing they can do for me right now is prescribe pain killers, and have me move my arm and be as active as possible.

I am still waiting for the pain meds they gave me this morning to kick in so I can relax.  If they don’t help by this afternoon, I have to go back to the clinic for even stronger medications. I am all for moving, but you can only move your arm around so much before you have to stop.  Since it is my right side, I am hoping doing something like knitting or cross-stitch might help.

It’s having to take the prescription pain meds to help my body heal that worries me.  I can’t drive while taking them.  On top of that, they make me dizzy and light-headed, which is not helpful in dancing.  The pain is also keeping me from sleeping well, so on top of the radiation fatigue I am doubly exhausted.

I have a competition in 11 days.

At least dance helps, not hinders the pain, but certainly I won’t be doing any quality dancing for the next little while.

I am hopeful this is just the HT and the pain will go away or at least really diminish in the next couple days.

If it’s the radiation….well I have been dealing with the pain since Thursday so far, this Thursday will be a week and hopefully it will diminish by mid next week in time for the competition.

Otherwise, I will just go without pain meds, grin and bear it.  It wouldn’t be the first time.

So, fingers and toes are crossed, arms are moving, and I am just plain hoping.

We’ll see how it goes, shall we?


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