We have an ending!

The choreography to the solo is now complete.

Boss had an idea to use velcro to stick things to me and then to pull them off at the end, but I shot that down.  It seemed a little gimicky to me, and at this point I didn’t want to have to try and incorporate props.  It just seemed a little stressful and like it might go horribly wrong too easy.  The idea just caused me too much stress to try and add less than 2 weeks before the competition.

That said, he did come up with a great ending for it, that definitely makes the routine a ‘rumba-paso’.  It’s the most dramatic routine we have done so far.  The ending is pretty fierce-or at least it will be once I figure out how to do some fierce walks 🙂  I am already practicing going up and down the hallway of my apartment.  I think my roommate might disown me 🙂

I was able to do 5 mins of practice after my lesson before I called it a night.  I figure 5 mins is better than no mins, and I didn’t want to work more on the solo until the new part had time to ‘sink in’.  I will probably work on the ending at home some tomorrow to feel more confident at my lesson on Wednesday.  Now it is a matter of polishing and running it over and over.  We did do it twice from top to finish tonight although the second time I was definitely tired and my balance and focus was off.  I am ok with that though–the routine is complete!

I seem to be having an issue with my muscles, and the worse thing is that I can’t tell if it is a side effect from the HT, or if I did something to upset the muscles.  My mid-upper back seems to be completely tensed up.  It started last Thursday when I woke up.  It is like my shoulderblades are being constantly pulled together and I can’t get them to relax and spread out.  It kept me awake last night because it was so uncomfortable.  I can’t say it’s painful, but definitely uncomfortable is a good word.  I just can’t think of anything I have done that may have triggered that–I haven’t done anything new in dance, if anything I have done less overall.

It is bad enough I am going to try some muscle relaxants tonight and see if they help since ibuprofen is having no effect.  If it keeps up tomorrow I will have to go to the health clinic and get it checked out.  I had acupuncture today and that is the area she focused on, so hopefully everything together will release the tension overnight.

Losing sleep over tense muscles is not a good thing right now 😦

I will see what tomorrow brings.

One thing tomorrow will bring for sure–the start of the International Ballroom Dance Competition in the UK!!!

It’s only the first day, but it’s been a while since I have had an opportunity to watch dance live so I can’t wait.  The streaming starts at 3 am my time, and I won’t be up that early for sure, but I will catch it when I do wake up.  The ‘main’ event will be on Thursday and that starts at a reasonable 11 am my time–so I have cleared my schedule for that 🙂

I am so glad to have something to be really excited about!!

Overall, despite the weird muscle tension and ongoing fatigue, it’s been a good day and looks like it might be a good week–even if its a ‘tired’ one.

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