Competitive Latin practice

I made it through!

Managed to do all five dances with a 2 min break, then all 5 in row without a break.

So now I know I can do it.

Man, it was rough.

I lost timing in cha cha (I almost never lose my timing), I got ahead of the beat in the second samba (again–not typical of me) and jive was just fight fight fight!

But I live to dance another day.

Boss seems really happy with how today went.  He told me I really am ready for the competition, the only challenge will be that I tire out so easy.  Thank you Captain Obvious 🙂

Two weeks to go to the competition and the focus next week will be on finishing the solo.  Those who have seen me working on it in the studio really seem to like it a lot and told me it is looking really good, so I am hopeful it will all come together once we put an ending on it.

Next week scares me a little.  Fatigue-wise, it should be my hardest challenge from the radiation and I just can’t imagine doing less or fighting harder to get through my days right now.  But once it is done things HAVE to look up, right??

I am really taking things not even one day at a time, but one task at a time.  Feeding myself is a task right now.  Dance is a task. Showering is a task. Laundry is a task.

I just have to remember to keep myself hydrated and fed and moving forward.  Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much time I spend in bed, as long as all the tasks get done, and so far they are.

Goal for today: Get through all my latin dances at practice.  Goal achieved.

Tomorrow is a new day.


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