Little things

I did get my practice in today as planned, and I did it in my full heels.

And it went well 🙂

I was able to sort out some things in the solo that have been just eluding me a little in lessons and that was good to have happen.  I was able to run through almost all on my own without too much problem.  I just have to remind myself not to take too big steps and use my heels.

I needed the practice to go well today, so I am so glad that it did.  Other than practice, I really didn’t do anything all day–and that is ok.

I am still feeling anxious and easily upset and having my emotions swing all over the place, but I am managing so far.  The hot flashes are driving me crazy.  I thought they were bad before, but they increased in intensity and frequency.  I feel like I should take 4 showers a day.

My skin is also doing better–I was able to stop using one of the creams on most of the spots.  It looks like there is one more place that might peel, but I am hoping the creams will keep it from getting too bad.  It could be the biggest section yet.  I am optimistic I might be able to tolerate wearing a bra for practice this weekend.

There is a social dance Saturday night and I am hopeful I will have enough energy for it.  It’s been a long time since I have been able to do one and I am looking forward to it.

I hope practice goes well on Sunday.  I am doing latin only, so that should help.  I haven’t run through my latin routines in quite some time, so the review will be good.  They went well last time despite my fatigue.

So, a lot of little things to look forward to.  Hopefully things keep looking up, and I don’t freak out too much before the competition.  We are going to finish the choreography on Monday, then it is just run-through, run-through, run-through!


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