It’s been a while since I did a ‘keyword’ post, so today I thought I’d write about Jive 🙂

Keywords for jive are energetic, fun, flirty, spontaneous, and playful.

Jive is definitely the most energetic of all the latin dances and definitely has a style all it’s own.  There is no wonder why it is the last competitive dance as it certainly shows a couple’s endurance, and it is almost the complete opposite character of the dance the precedes it–Paso Doble.  It’s a pretty versatile switch.

Jive is a dance to liven things up.  It is hard not to enjoy yourself watching or dancing a jive.  There is a fun spontaneity about it that just keeps you on your toes.  You almost never know what might pop out of a jive.

Because it is a quick dance, there is a really flirty, playful aspect to it.  Communication between partners is key and there is so much turning, spinning, bouncing and swinging you just can’t help but be drawn in.  It can be pretty intricate but absolutely marvelous when both partners are completely in sync.

Personally, I love the challenge of jive because it has a technique all it’s own and requires so much energy because of it’s speed.  It’s one of those dances that just seems to flow from one step to the other because there isn’t time to think about what you are doing–you just go.  The best part of jive is just letting go and letting loose with all you have.


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