Coming back

Slowly my energy is coming up–I don’t think I am imagining it!

I was able to practice for 1/2 an hour after my lesson today.  Not much, but more than last week.  It was good because I was able to work out some of the pieces in the solo for the competition.

We still don’t have an ending, but in the meantime, Boss keeps ‘upping the ante’ on the things we do have.  We were able to run through it twice today without stopping, although we had a minor hiccup in that some of the new choreography is one bar too long.  Easy to fix on Wednesday.

I am pretty impressed with myself as we move through this solo.  Boss keeps asking more from me and I keep being able to respond to the requests.  For me, at least, it’s a whole new level of working with a partner. Yes, he is the teacher, but there is a feel of collaboration and I don’t feel like I am just along for the ride. That’s a good feeling. The solo seems to be in a good place right now.

I will only have two lessons this week but that’s ok with me.  It means on Thursday I can practice at the studio on my own and really work out the things from my lessons today and Wednesday to be ready for next week.  I have competitive practice this weekend, but I think we are only doing the latin routines so I can see where my endurance is.  I hope I will be able to wear a full bra for that because jive without one might not go so well.

The skin under my arm seems to have almost finished peeling, there is one spot left I can see of dead skin.  I hope this means it will start healing over the rest of the week.  It’s pretty raw and painful right now.

Almost the end of September and 3 weeks until the competition.  Time is moving quick!

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