Cautiously Optimistic

I seem to be a little perkier today and in slightly less pain.

I am cautiously optimistic that maybe things are slowing down and starting to take a turn for the better.  Fingers crossed.

Had 2 good lessons today and yesterday.  We are continuing to work on the solo and getting into the details and styling a bit more.  We have about 15 seconds left to choreograph and we have gone from rumba to samba to paso, so I am eager to see what we end with.  I can do almost the entire thing on my own, minus the pivots and even they aren’t too bad.

I even managed to practice on my own for about 40 minutes today, which is more than I have done in a week and felt great.  I was able to work through the solo routines and get through the parts I needed to do on my own.  Boss gave me a few more things to work on, and we worked out the timing a little more solid, so I hope to have the energy to practice tomorrow to keep things fresh.

I am really enjoying working on this solo.  Boss has really given me some good challenges through it and it is really making me stretch my boundaries.  He is using a different approach for this solo, but I couldn’t describe it really.  I think it is because he is using the music to drive the choreography.  It just really works.

I look forward to seeing how it will end.

Until then, I remain cautiously optimistic.


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