Day off

I gave myself a day off.

I sat at home and refused to let myself leave for any reason.  I read. I watched tv. I worked on finishing a cross-stitch I have been doing for a while now.  I just took a breather.

Yeah, my skin is a little worse today as expected.  Especially around my neck it is peeling bad and it is starting to pull tight in places.  I can’t seem to find a comfortable way to rest my neck.

But nothing unexpected, and I can tell I will be going to bed early tonight.

I did do a small portion of the newest part of my solo in my kitchen waiting for my supper to cook. Old habits die hard I guess 🙂

I will be back at it again tomorrow with a lesson and I hope a little bit of practice, and I am optimistic tonight will be some restful sleep.

I see the dentist on Thursday, and I have to say I am worried.  You are not allowed to see the dentist or even floss while on chemo because of the risk of infection and I decided to wait until after radiation to set up my annual appointment.  Up until now, I have had almost perfect teeth and been really lucky.  I don’t think that luck is going to hold out on Thursday.  I am pretty sure that the chemo has caused some damage to my teeth as they feel pretty sensitive.  On top of the chemo, I spent almost 5 months drinking water mixed with lemon juice because I couldn’t tolerate drinking plain water.  The acid from the lemon juice probably didn’t help.

But I will see how things go on Thursday.

For now, it’s still my day off.


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