Officially miserable

But it’s ok.

My skin separated in places today and started peeling with a vengeance in others.  I had to start taking stronger pain meds at night because I can’t tolerate the feeling of the sheets rubbing on my skin.  I feel like I just keep coating myself in creams for no reason.

The problem is that all of this will get worse before it will get better.  I have been told that, I expect that.  My main goal is to try as hard as possible to keep all the sores from getting infected.  Sounds easy enough, but I have a feeling it’s not so simple.  Almost all the places they have treated are prime areas for sweat.  And I can’t wear a bra anymore.

Yeah, that was a conversation I was hoping not to ever have to have with Boss–the we can’t do jive or samba for a few weeks because I can’t have my girls bounce too much conversation.  Thank goodness for email.

I can tell that practice is going to be few and far between the next little while too.  My plan to try and practice on the days I don’t have lessons to keep things in small bursts instead of large blocks at a time.  My main focus is the solo we are working on.

It’s almost completely choreographed now.  About 30 seconds remaining to do.  Boss has really upped the ante on me with this solo and making me work hard.  Had a small mishap today doing pivots where I caught the far outside edge of my foot and slipped and fell.  Almost took Boss down with me.  It was a gentle fall, nothing hurting, but it shook Boss up a bit.  We stopped working on the pivots and moved on for a while.  We were able to run from the beginning through until we run out of choreography 3 times without stopping, so that is a good achievement for today.

I am really enjoying working on the solo, and it is giving me something to look forward to each day and is a great challenge.

It is the bright spot in my misery.

Misery is temporary.  I am tired, emotional and I hurt.  But, it’s what needs to be.

For now.  For another few weeks.

Then I will be ok.


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