Competitive practice

Today was another competitive practice.

After the first two dances in standard, I was really thinking I should have just skipped it. I had no gas to keep pushing myself, I kept forgetting routines, my frame was awful and at one point I told myself to pull it together and the answer was that I didn’t actually care.  I kept forgetting the routines.  I don’t think I have had a worse practice.

But I rallied. I did manage to run through all 5 standard dances twice (except only once for Viennese), and making small adjustments I actually improved over the last couple dances.

Then I got through all 5 latin routines (although jive was very hard to finish) really strongly with all the details Boss and I have been working on, and even had a little power for Paso.  That was a good sign and a good way to finish.

I think my next practice, I will be doing latin only because that is what I am doing at the competition and we need to have an idea of what my endurance will be like when I haven’t tired myself out doing standard first.

The heat lists are out for the competition!  I am doing my solo first at about 10 am, then I have a break until around noon.  I will finish competing around 9 pm.  I just found out my competition in the open latin is last year’s Ohio Star Ball pro/am Latin champ for our age group.  That just makes it really a learning experience and a chance to have fun doing my silver routines.  As Boss says–“let’s just win the audience!”.  It will be an honour to be on the same floor with her.

Next week should be focused on finishing the choreography for the solo, so I am looking forward to that.  The little bit of ideas Boss showed me that he is thinking for the end is exciting and I am interested to see what that actually translates into on the floor.  4 weeks to go!


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