And radiation treatments are done!!

I wish the side effects went with them though.  It’s ok, now the clock is ticking–about 2 more weeks of worsening side effects, then slowly I should start feeling better.  10 weeks from now until my surgery. Tick tock, Tick tock.

Really glad now I decided to do the competition in October.  I look at the stretch of time before me until my surgery and it seems a little endless, although likely it will get here faster than I am ready for.  It was definitely a good idea to have something else to focus on this fall.

The fatigue has really been getting to me lately and I haven’t been able to practice as much as I would like.  I didn’t do any practice Wednesday or Thursday as I could tell I was doing well to get through my lessons.  I did spend 45 mins at the gym today going through the first part of the solo we have worked out.  I am pretty confident we will finish choreographing it next week.  Boss seems to have a pretty good idea what he wants to do.

He is really stepping up the game for me on this solo.  I have multiple spiral spins and free spins and I do a lot of dancing on my own.  He is also adding some definite gold steps.  I just hope my energy levels over the next couple weeks don’t drop too much, so I can keep working the steps out.

I gave some thought to costuming for this solo, and came up with all black with a ‘stoned’ pink ribbon pinned to the chest.  Nothing fancy, just very simple and telling.  Sent the idea to Boss for approval, so I will see what he says.  The solo is to Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’ which pretty much defines my life for the past year.

The entry list for the competition is out, and as expected I have no one to compete against–however, if I drop an age category for the open latin, there is one other couple there, so Boss is asking the organizer if we can switch.

All in all, it’s pretty anti-climatic to finish radiation.  I don’t think it has quite hit me yet that both chemo and radiation are done.  I am now only one big step away from being cancer-free–which is a clear pathology report after my surgery in November.  Fingers crossed!

One thought on “Done!!

  1. I’m so glad that your radiation is done! I hope that the se’s and the fatigue subside fast!
    It sounds like you are gaining momentum for the October competition, great! The dress sounds lovely-it’d love to see a picture! Take care x

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