Giving it away in the face

I had a good lesson today, but Boss was quick to point out that sometimes I make the strangest facial expressions.

Basically, you can see everything I am thinking in my face when I dance.

For example, tonight we were working through Paso and during the flamenco taps Boss told me he could tell I was checking myself wondering if I was right, and at the same time clearly just ‘going with it’.  We do a slip pivot into a drag and apparently when I go into the drag I have a definite moment where I go ‘OMG OMG OMG–is this too much momentum?’ in my head.  Later, we were working on the solo and I have a section where I do a spiral spin into 3 turns to a lunge to end up facing Boss.  He told me it’s ok for me to make my ‘is this really going to work?’ face because I won’t be facing the audience.

Ok, guess I need to work a little bit at schooling my facial expressions.  Not something you usually think about when dancing, but I know I tend to be pretty animated.  Sometimes I have epic fails.  Tonight at the end of our Paso I tried looking ‘stony’. The result was pretty hilarious as I was randomly looking more towards the ceiling like a roman statue.  It was slightly better than the usual expression I have which clearly says ‘Can I move yet, is it done? I can’t breathe!!’.

This has come up now because about a month ago the main studio Boss rents installed mirrors and Boss has just really gotten back into the habit of using them after a long period without.  He pointed out now he can see all the faces I make (and apparently I am quite entertaining to watch!).  Funny the difference a few mirrors make :).

Last radiation tomorrow!! Cannot wait!!


One thought on “Giving it away in the face

  1. Oh yes, the face tells it all! You don’t think about it while dancing but just watch people at the next event/comp. You really have to force yourself not to react which just gives you one more thing to think about while dancing. Sometimes, I’m lucky and things are going so well that I don’t have to worry about. Usually, that’s when I get the “I can tell you are enjoying this” or “I love your smile” comments. Its such a visual sport and the pros are so good at picking those things up. I wonder if they’d make good poker players

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