Viennese Waltz

I have to admit that this is probably one of my most favourite dances.

Keywords for Viennese Waltz are classical, elegant, moving, floating, simple.

I love the simplistic look of this dance.  Too bad it is not as simple to execute!!  I think it appeals to me because there is a short list of very specific steps, and that is it.  When I watch competitions I love watching VW because it is possible to really see all the couples move together, often doing the same steps.

This dance moves and at the same time couples just seem to float across the floor.  I love the feeling of it when it is going well because the momentum almost carries me through half the step.  It’s an opportunity to let go a little and to be carried away with the dance.  Doing VW it’s easy to imagine a fairy princess with her prince moving together in simple harmony.  Almost like there is no one else on the dance floor (if you move enough, there almost isn’t!).

The classical elegance of steps that look simple and easy when they are done well just has an enchanting appeal for me.  Even the music invites a feeling of lilting sway on a sunny day.  The dance just reminds me of days gone by and fond memories.  It is royal, rich, classy and elegant.

It’s Viennese Waltz.


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