Fitbit fitness

I meant to post yesterday, but the day got a little away from me.  Probably I will post twice today.

It turns out, the radiation might not be causing all the nausea and fatigue after all.  It seems I have an infection so now I am on antibiotics, but I could be feeling a lot better by tomorrow.  I really hope it’s the infection causing the issues.  Fingers crossed.

I mentioned before that I have fitbit charge HR watch that I use to keep track of my daily calorie burns, sleep, weight and heart rate.  I have it set so that it ‘buzzes’ when I reach my goal calorie burn for the day.  It’s pretty interesting to see how much more calories I burn on dance days VS non dance days.

Up until the end of last week, I had been pretty consistent with my diet, practice and exercise and getting my fitbit ‘buzz’ almost every day.  As a result, my weight finally started to slowly go down at about 1/2-1.5 lbs/week.  It’s not much, but it is something.  Looking at that, it has helped me to figure out that I would like to be close to or below 200lbs again by my surgery.  That leaves me 12 weeks to get there, and if I can stay on track with my little buzzy friend, it should be quite doable.

The biggest hurdle will be the radiation fatigue, but so far so good, knock on wood.

I am still a little frustrated with the chemo weight gain, but that’s life and time to move on.  As I start to near the end of my journey I can look more and more to the future beyond it, and I really look forward to that.

In the meantime, I have good, strong and clear goals, a diet plan that works for me, a way to track my activity, solid exercises and a lot of motivation.

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