Competitor’s practice #2

Got through another competitor’s practice today!

Even though the practice is hard, I somehow always feel remotivated after it.  I got through 13 Standard dances and 10 Latin.  It was great because I did get to see some of the competitive couples I haven’t seen in a while since I had to stop the practices back in March and it was good to catch up and get a little face time with them.

Overall, it didn’t go quite as bad as I was worried, and there were a lot of pluses.  Boss seemed really happy, but in a bit of a funny way.  He has discovered that dancing with me has made him stronger as a dancer when he is dancing with other smaller ladies.  Random thing, but ok.

Standard went mostly ok, but when I got tired, boy did I get tired.  I don’t think I have run out of gas quite like that when I was doing chemo, so it’s a bit of an adjustment.  Boss says it’s because I am using my upper body more than previously and my position is stronger that I am tiring out quicker, so perhaps that is the big difference.  The first comment boss said after the first waltz was that it was pretty neat that finally I am over my legs in Standard.  Not sure if it carried through for all the other dances, but at least the first one was good, and that is something I have been working on!

The thing I always find great about these practices is that they always seem to give Boss a better idea of what to work on than lessons.  I guess because we are going and not stopping, so things get repeated and become more obvious.  He gave me a list of 3 things he wants to work on in the short term–promenades in tango, hesitations in general, and back lock steps (in Quickstep mainly, I think).  I think I may have overstretched my neck a little today, so I have some ice and Voltaren on it, just in case.

It seems I manage to surprise him a little at each of these practices, so maybe it’s good I don’t have them every week so I have time to develop some sort of surprise progress :).

Latin went really well today, although the floor seemed a little ‘sticky’ from all the extra moisture hanging around (we all had the same comment, so we are all blaming the floor).  It made spinning a little harder and slower.  I could tell I was tired by the time jive came around, but all the points I have been working on seemed to come together for me.

A really nice thing today was one of the standard couples had stayed to watch the latin and made a point of telling me how impressed they were with how good I was moving.  That was a random positive thing I didn’t expect, but appreciated it very very much!

I paid for the competition today, so as of right now it is definitely a go! I realized yesterday that this competition is actually exactly 1 year from when I found the first lump in my breast.  There is something almost serendipitous about that.


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