Make them drool!

Good lesson tonight.  We finished up going over my exercises and Boss really progressed my rumba exercises.  It was a lot to process, but we will see how it goes.  It’s one of those things he tells me I have to go and try for a bit and see what I come up with naturally before he can start correcting it.

Really funny moment during my lesson though–

I mentioned before that Boss is from Russia, so sometimes things get a little loss in translation.  He once told me I should take ‘prophylactics’ because he was getting sick.  He meant ‘precautions’.  I told him thanks for the advice, but I didn’t think birth control was really necessary for dance.  Poor guy–he probably told the same thing to every student and I was the first to point out the difference.

Tonight was another example.  We were working on rumba and he kept telling me I needed to move more and settle my hip more.  Finally he said “come on, you can make the men run their juices!”.

Wait, what??

After a bit of explanation, I managed to determine what he meant was ‘Make the men drool’.  It took a bit of explaining and a demonstration that reminded me a little of a cartoon looking at a steak, but finally we were able to figure out exactly what ‘juices’ Boss was talking about.  Do I need to say I was a little relieved??

Interesting end to a difficult day, to say the least.  I cut my practice short tonight because I was just too tired and my head was no where near focused and dancing just didn’t seem to clear it like usual.

I was put back on anti-nausea meds today.  It appears I am sensitive to the radiation.  Yay me.  I will need to take one type before each treatment and a second throughout the day to try and keep the nausea at bay.  Probably I will need it for 2 weeks after as well.  It’s not a common side effect for radiation of the breast, but it’s not unheard of.  Damn. That’s a good word.

I am hoping with the nausea in check, I will feel a little better overall and be ready to go back to regular practice at the gym tomorrow.

After all, I have to make the men drool.


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