Slow Foxtrot

I haven’t done any ‘keywords’ posts for standard dances, so since I am focusing on it, I figured I would start with slow foxtrot.

I feel it’s important to differentiate between slow and american foxtrot because the two dances have different characters.

Keywords for slow foxtrot are ‘elegant’, ‘smooth’, ‘flowing’, and ‘precise’.

There is something very simple and basic about this extremely complicated dance that gives it it’s charm.

Slow foxtrot is like a conversation between each couple as they weave in and out amongst each other.  The ladies really get to shine in this dance and show simple elegance at it’s finest.  The men really get to show off their ladies as they move through this dance looking debonair and charming.  The tailsuits really suit this dance.

When done right, this dance is just smooth and elegant and full of charm with basic precise steps that just seem to flow across the dance floor.  The couple truly moves as one like a fairy tale.

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