Standard focus

Despite fatigue, I had another great lesson in standard today.

We are still focusing on foxtrot, but the best thing was that we are doing things over and over to build up consistency.  It’s exactly what I want to do right now.

About a month ago, I suddenly found myself better able to feel and control my upper body through my frame.  We are capitalizing on that and working through standard in big details to develop new good habits and muscle memory.

The goal right now is to build up as many strong habits and develop muscle memory in standard as much as possible before my surgery in the hopes that after my surgery my body will be able to adjust to the changes faster because it will be better able to remember how to move from the build up of good habits. At the same time, it should continue to build strength that hopefully will make my recovery better and quicker.

I really enjoyed what we were doing tonight because it is capitalizing exactly on the way that I learn.  We did things first slowly with Boss pointing  out small points, and building on the points and adding something new each time.  We would stop between steps to check and see if I was doing what I was supposed to.  At the end of the lesson, we just ran through the full sequence of feather, reverse turn, feather ending, 3-step with the music over and over to give me time to incorporate all the different points together in time.  It allowed me to see what I would do instinctively.

Boss seemed really pleased with how things went tonight and he mentioned he intends to focus on basic foxtrot for the next couple of lessons to build the foundation and to give me some consistency in working in standard together.

More standard tomorrow 🙂 With 2 naps, I should be good to go.

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