Radiation Fatigue

It’s official, radiation fatigue is here.

I spent most of today in bed, and when I wasn’t in bed I only got about 30 mins of clear thinking before my head felt heavy and fuzzy and things just stopped making a lot of sense.

I really don’t like this.  I could tell it was coming on yesterday, but I didn’t expect it to hit quite so hard, so all of a sudden.

Other than going to radiation, I did get out for about 2 hours today for dinner with a friend, but it was pretty draining.  I am really to head to bed again, and I am not looking forward to the early morning for radiation tomorrow.  At least I will have most of the day to rest before my lesson and practice tomorrow night.

I am optimistic that the activity will help boost my energy a bit, but I know it’s going to take some planning to get myself to the studio.

The worse thing is that I can’t seem to really nap.  I just sort of lie in bed with my eyes closed while my thoughts just wander on random things.  It’s restful and not all at the same time.  I even tried reading, which usually helps me sleep, but it wasn’t much help either.  I am hopeful that will sort itself out as I get a little more fatigued.

I think the most helpful thing will be to get as much sleep at night as possible.  Difficult when I have early radiation appointments, but not drinking coffee before I go and napping after may be the way to go there.  Thankfully, not every day is an early one, and hopefully the early appointments will be at a minimum for the next 3 weeks until I finish.

I have been here before with chemo, but I haven’t quite faced such a build-up for fatigue.  With chemo, because the treatments were weekly (or every 3 weeks), I got a bit of a break in between to recover.  There is no recovery time with radiation, I just have to keep managing the fatigue and keep my activity levels up where I can.

I guess I will see how tomorrow’s lesson and practice goes.

Fingers crossed.