Samba is one of my favourite latin dances!

I love the challenge of samba and the elements of it that are so unique to this dance.

Keywords for samba are: sassy, strong, fierce, fun, precise, confident

There is just something about samba that says ‘sassy’ to me.  Samba seems to scream ‘look at me and see what I can do’ in a way that no other dance does.  It is open and out there and if you don’t bring the sass, it just doesn’t work.

Being fierce and strong is all part of the sass.  You can’t be ‘sassy’ without being fierce and strong at the same time.  To me, samba has a bit of independence to it.  Yes, you work with a partner, but each partner needs to move on their own and if you are timid and shy about your movements it just doesn’t work.

Samba needs to be clean and precise.  There are so many different movements that happen at different times that break down the beat and timing into such small pieces (quarter beats!) that if you are not precise it looks sloppy.  There needs to be an air of confidence around it to carry it off well.

It is not a dance for the shy or timid for sure.

The last keyword is ‘fun’.  Absolutely, samba needs to look and be fun.  For all the fierceness and precision of samba there is a fun inter-play between partners and the audience that comes from the openness of the movements.  It almost says ‘come play with us’.

The challenge of the dance is that it takes a lot of endurance to keep all the right body parts moving in the right timing.  It is different from all the other latin dances and allows an opportunity to express oneself in a completely different way.  It really is about having and showing fun while maintaining a fierce, confident and sassy attitude that says ‘look at me, this is my floor and I rule’ in a way no other dance can.  It moves around the floor to show off both dancers to the fullest potential.

It’s the dance I have to work on the most, and I think that challenge is what draws me to it.  That and it really allows me to express aspects of myself that I tend to keep more controlled in my everyday life.

And isn’t that one of the best parts of any dance?

2 thoughts on “Samba

  1. Samba’s not very popular at our studio. I’ve done it a couple of times at group class and you’ve described it very well. Too much bouncing for my knees though.


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