I’m Back!

I got home on Friday, but it took until today to put myself back together a bit.

I have been in a bit of a ‘funk’ in the past week, but today I pulled myself out of it and went to the gym to practice.  It definitely did me some good.  It’s been over a week since I danced and once I started I was very glad to be back to it.

Except for one thing…my feet.  They are not liking the working in the new shoes very much and kept cramping up really painfully, especially in my standard exercises.  I can say, at least, that I seem to have all the feeling back in my feet.  I just wish it wasn’t pain I was feeling.

It’s ok, because after about two weeks of consistent work the cramps should hopefully start to work themselves out.

I was really glad I took the time to practice today.  I have been pretty restless and nervous today because tomorrow I have the small surgery to get my port out.  That will be the official end of chemo (yay!).  I am told it’s a pretty small and easy surgery done under local anesthetic, but I really don’t like the idea of that.  At least this time tomorrow, it will be all over and I should on have about 3 stitches in my chest to recover from.

Radiation starts Tuesday.  Something else that is making me anxious.

Time marches forward though, and with it my anxiousness will dissipate.

I am on my own for practice next week since Boss is still on vacation.  He was really energized after his competition and when I saw him briefly earlier this week he really flooded me with all sorts of ideas for what we can do.  It looks like I will have 2 weeks of having 3 lessons/week to make up for those I missed during his vacation and he wants to work on the smooth routines during that lesson.

It seems we are both on a similar page on what we want to work on, but I expect I will know that better sometime next weekend when Boss catches up on his work emails, and we will probably discuss the goals I set out for radiation and until my surgery.

That’s all for now!


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