Leaving on a jet plane….

Actually, I think the first on is just a turboprop…

But heading home in just over 12 hours…well starting the 9 hour journey anyway 🙂

It amazes me how much precautions I have to take to fly because I am a cancer patient.  I saw my regular doctor on Friday and was surprised by all she has me doing ‘just in case’.

First she is concerned because my sinuses are running a lot since the chemo drug has stopped drying them out.  So that means a decongestant to make sure I don’t get a lot of sinus pressure.

The second part, which I didn’t realize, is that I am at a much higher risk for blood clots and leg edema because of the chemo.  So that means taking daily baby aspirin to until a week after I get back and having to wear compression socks on the plane (and let me tell you they are fash-ion-a-ble!!).  I was also told, especially on the longer flights to make sure that I get up and move around at least once every hour.  Here is hoping I can get an aisle seat or I am going to have a very irritated seat partner.

In the grand scheme of things it’s not too bad.  At least I am allowed to fly and get home! 🙂

Haven’t started packing yet, but thought about it–does that count?  I am really a last minute packer, so all I have right now are, of course, my dance shoes.

Does anything matter after that????


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