Smooth lesson #4–Tango and ‘Flaunting it’

And, we did it!

We managed to put together 4 open smooth routines.  Now I just have to find time to work on them 🙂

I really like the tango we put together.  Boss and Instructor #2 were able to get together and work out some choreography beforehand, so half the routine was done before I started.  I was pretty impressed with myself that I was able to pick up the choreography and actually dance it with Boss (no music yet though!).

I was talking with Instructor #2 after my lesson, and my plan for smooth (which hopefully Boss will agree with!) is to run through the routines with him some, get them with the music and to a point where I can work on them myself.  Then, after my surgery, I will have a few more lessons with Instructor #2 to work on the lady’s styling and make adjustments if needed because of changes from my surgery.

I am really excited to have all the routines done!  One more tick in the box for me.

Speaking of ‘ticks in the box’, I didn’t post after my lesson yesterday because I needed some time to process and I was pretty wiped by the time I got home.  We started working on the styling and detailing for my samba routine and adding some personality to it.  Doing this kind of work is actually pretty difficult for me.  I have a way of feeling like I am ‘over-doing it’ and that perhaps it looks silly.  I think deep down I worry I will look like an overweight girl trying really hard to look skinny.

I should know better though.  My routines themselves Boss put together keeping in mind how things look visually, and there are certain steps I don’t do because they are just not flattering for me.  We also don’t do some holds because they just don’t work.  So the styling works the same.  All that is really needed is for me to commit to the styling and add my own personality to it through my facial expressions.

Boss actually told me that I need ‘flaunt what I’ve got’ and to not be timid with how I move my body.  We had an interesting conversation about rumba.  He told me that I shouldn’t hold myself back and just let myself do what comes naturally and basically ‘work it’ (not his words, but what he was saying).  It’s an interesting concept for me.  When I started to work with Boss, especially in Rhythm (which I was doing at the time), we spent a lot of time teaching me to control every movement and to hold my core tight.

I think for the first time, Boss was giving me permission to take everything I have learned, everything I do naturally and just let it all come together in rumba.  He told me I should watch videos of Reggaton and Brazillian Samba to see how the ladies move there and I should let myself be that free and uninhibited.

Coming from Boss, this was completely unexpected and seemed to be placing a lot of trust in me and my technique.  I guess I just didn’t expect that.

Tying it all together, looking at the smooth routines and the level of dancing we are doing there (and I seem to be able to do!), and this conversation we had yesterday, I guess it has dawned on me that even though I am only at the silver level, Boss has a lot of respect for my dancing.  This has really only come in the last little while though–I think since we worked on the open showcase routine.  In a lot of ways, he has more faith in my dancing than I do myself.  I guess it never really occurred to me before, but Boss did ask me back in January before I started Chemo if I wanted to do Open Smooth routines with him–that is where the idea came from originally.  He asked me.

Guess he knew I could do it even then.

Now I just have to convince myself–but I am getting there 🙂

One thought on “Smooth lesson #4–Tango and ‘Flaunting it’

  1. It always makes me feel just a little bit better to read that someone else struggles with the emotional expression/styling of dance and just “letting go.” We are very lucky to have teachers that believe in us before we figure out how to believe in ourselves. 🙂

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