Coming home…

It’s been a whirlwind day for me.  I decided last night to cross the country and fly home next week.  So I leave on Sunday, coming back on Friday.

I haven’t been home since Christmas 2012.  Within an hour of mentioning I was coming I have managed to arrange a drive to and pick-up from the airport here, pick-up from the airport there, time in a hot tub, a 4-hour road trip with my father, 2 days with my mother, a flight back to my father’s and a surprise visit with friends from Saskatchewan who are coincidentally visiting the same part of the country (one half of the couple knows, the other doesn’t).  I also rearranged some small scheduling conflicts. Oh and bought my tickets!

I also found and picked up one pair of practice shoes with 2″ heels–so currently working on breaking them in and doing the initial stretching before my lesson tomorrow.  Feel like I have been waiting forever for these shoes (my last pair like them fell apart 2 days before chemo started), and these ones got lost in the mail until today.

With the idea of working on strengthening my ankles in mind I am wearing around the house, which my cats seem to think is pretty nuts.  They are, however, ecstatic about the box the came in 🙂 .

The bad news is 5 people I know have had the flu in the last week including my roommate 😦 . Today I woke up with a scratchy throat and that  oh so getting sick feeling.  Considering my health, it’s would be no surprise to find myself with the full-blown flu tomorrow.  That’s Murphy’s Law, isn’t it? To get sick when you have a ‘vacation’ or a break?

I hope it hits and leaves quickly.  Like if I was functional again by Thursday that would be great.  I have my final smooth lesson Thursday night in Tango, and I don’t want to have to cancel it until September.  We aren’t working with Boss that night because he is doing extra lessons to get ready for a competition on the weekend, but Instructor #2 and Boss are taking time tomorrow to collaborate.

Fingers crossed this isn’t too bad. At least I should have an immune system in relatively good shape to fight it this far from my last treatment and before radiation.

Can’t wait to get home though.  There is something about the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains that just recharges me, and lord knows I need it.  Still haven’t decided how long my break is going to be from lessons, but I think going home will help.

Just apparently have to get through this week and the flu first.

Atlantic Canada, here I come!


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