Ankle strength woes

Never really considered the strength of my ankles previously.

But tonight it because obvious they are oh so weak!

This is week 2 of wearing full heels and tonight I was working through my exercises with boss.  One thing that kept coming up was how wobbly my feet were–the reason? I have lost some of the ankle strength I had before I started chemo from not wearing heels.

The solution? Lots of time wearing heels.

It’s a little frustrating to realize how much this is affecting dance right now, especially in Latin.  I know I will probably regain the strength quicker than I think, but in the mean time I keep wobbling around as I try to do my latin exercises.  I can’t seem to get things in time even though I am trying, and the worse thing is that if I gave in a wore my practice shoes I could probably do it all great.

Time is a great healer and as long as I stay consistent with wearing my full heels the more my body will adapt and the stronger my ankles will become.  I am actually waiting for 2 different pairs of practice shoes with full heels on them and both are held up for reasons beyond my control.

It was a good lesson with boss tonight despite all the wobbling.  We are starting to tailor some of my exercises more to me.  We have sped up some exercises and slowed down others.  We are working on fixing samba (Yay!) to bring it beyond silver.  I am discovering how to use my inner thighs in standard and how to keep my body weight forward instead of straight up and down.  THAT is going to be a huge challenge for me for the next little while, but I am ready for it!

I accepted when I started this journey that probably my progress was going to stop or slow down and that I would lose some things.  Despite that, I have been so so lucky that some how I have been able to progress and keep moving forward.  Having to rebuild ankle strength, in the grand scheme of things, is not too bad.  There is much worse I could have to do, and there may be much worse to come after radiation and my surgery.

But until then, I remain ready and building my ankles 🙂

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