Lucky Dancer

Had a 3-hour conversation with Boss today.

Finally, we were able to clear some of the things that have been hanging in the air, and we worked out a plan I hope will work through radiation and beyond.

It looks like I am going to try and compete before my surgery, after radiation.  Hopefully not while experiencing the super fatigue I am told might be coming around then.

I think it is important for me to have something to focus on this fall and to look forward to and there is a new local competition which might be just the thing.

Boss and I talked a lot about how it will be important for me to have something to focus on.  During chemo, it was the showcase I did on June 27th, and the coaching lessons with the visiting coach.

For rads, looks like a comp.  We are probably only going to do Latin, but we will see how I am feeling.  Standard is a lot harder for me to pull off well right now, but Latin should be able to be doable at a well enough level.  We might also do a showcase at a social dance of one or two of the new smooth routines, but first we have to finish up choreographing them and see what needs work.

One thing I will say is that I am very very lucky that Boss is so open to communicating.  Most other instructors probably would not be so willing to work with a student whose health is as questionable and Boss has been supportive through the entire process.  He was the only person I told while I was waiting to be diagnosed and that was only because between finding the first lump and being diagnosed we were competing.  I knew concerns about my health was distracting me and affecting my performance and it wasn’t fair to Boss for me to not tell him why I wasn’t myself.

Dance is a big part of helping me sustain myself through my treatment and keeping me going.  For better or worse, Boss plays a big role in that because he is my instructor.  His wife is also one of my closest friends.  I am the student who has been with him the longest.  It all adds up to a very unique relationship.

I am a lucky dancer to have such an understanding instructor.


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