Smooth Lesson #3–Foxtrot

Great lesson tonight with instructor #2!

I really like American foxtrot, it’s a great dance to just get really into and be expressive.  Boss and Instructor #2 had a chance to work together before the lesson so that meant they had some figures they had already agreed on ready for me to try. Things went really smoothly and we got a routine together with a nice combination of figures and some pretty playful and cute passages.

I am looking forward to working on it more in the future.  I was pretty surprised at the things Boss wanted to do–they were not in his usual style, but it was interesting to see him having a little bit of fun with stuff.

Tango next week and the smooth lessons and smooth routines are choreographed!

Today was a day of a lot of information outside of dance–I met with my radiation oncologist to go over everything for that. Tomorrow is the planning day where they will scan me, measure me, tattoo me and do all the planning for all my sessions of radiation.  August 11th is Day 1 of 28 treatments.  Thankfully, because I am going to be having surgery after I only need 28 treatments and no ‘boosters’, which would have meant an extra 4 treatments.

I will talk more about radiation tomorrow after my planning session, once I have a chance to process everything from today.

The other fun thing about today was finally Boss and I got to meet with my dressmaker to finish the planning for my 3 dresses!  They won’t be made until probably February, but at least the planning is done, and we can purchase the material 🙂  I will let you know a little more about those in a future post too–probably Saturday or Sunday.

I am pretty pooped and stressed this week so I am sorry for the short posts.  I will catch up soon.

I will be foxtrotting my way through my dreams tonight 🙂


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