Standard Coaching

Whew! I am pooped!

I had 4 lessons today with a high-level standard coach and boy did I work!  We did the first lesson on Waltz, one on Foxtrot, and break then another on Foxtrot and finished with Tango.

Some things I learned:

I need to stop being cautious with my movement.  I tend to hold back from what I can fully do because I am afraid I won’t be able to control or I might knock Boss over.  I learned today that I can control my momentum in most cases and I am not going to learn how to do it if I never try to.  It’s a challenge for Boss when I move myself that much–but in a good way!

I need to stay even more on Boss’s left in general in all positions.  She moved me probably about 3 inches to the left.  Boss was wearing a zip up shirt and she told me to keep my right side left of the zipper on his shirt.  It’s an interesting position, but makes much more sense!

I need to think of being forward when moving back.  Seems counter-productive, but it is exactly what I need to do in order to maintain my balance and not feel like I am falling over backwards.

Footwork matters! I have to watch my left foot because I keep trying to keep it on the floor and not do toe releases.

In tango, especially in promenade I need to think of moving my knees first to keep myself over on Boss’s left side.

My head should usually be counter-balanced by my body and I can always stretch myself out more to the side than I think I can.

The coach really loved how Boss and I move together–It was one of the first things she said and she could see where both of us weren’t really moving to our fullest.  Once we did…um wow?  We kept running out of floor space.  Once she pointed out to boss that I wasn’t really moving all that much, suddenly it became his mission–make me move!  It was fun actually, I had no idea what was possible, and it was nice to have Boss actively encouraging me to do more.

One of the final things she said was to Boss–that he has to give more feedback, especially when things are positive or he thinks I can or should try to do more.  She realized about the final lesson that I don’t try to do as much as I can because Boss doesn’t really encourage me to do so–so I figure I am doing enough, when she realized I could do more.

If Boss takes this to heart it could make for an interesting path moving forward.  I have told Boss before I felt like I was holding back a lot, especially in Standard, but I don’t think he really believed me.  Today he realized (I think anyway), that I really have been–and that as long as he doesn’t ask me to do more, I am not going to.  There is a point where it is too much, but I need to be little more comfortable in trying to reach that point and then scaling back to where I should be.  I can do a lot more than I think I can!

I hope she is able to come back this fall before I have my surgery so I have another chance to work with her again.  Today was the second time I have been able to work with her, but both times I have been recovering from chemo and not able to work or perform as much as I really can.

If I can do this well on a ‘recovery’ day…imagine the possibilities when I am well!!


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