Getting back on my feet

Literally….in heels.

I finally made it through a Monday practice again–and I did it in full heels–2.5 inches for latin and 2.0 inches for standard.  Felt so great to make that accomplishment.  Only one small blister.

Of course by tomorrow I may be singing a different tune once my muscles catch up with the work they did today.  According to my ‘fitbit’, today’s practice burned 870 calories with an average heart rate of 128. I guess I was working hard!

Today I was able to feel a little bit like my old self–just forget about chemo and pretend I wasn’t dizzy and nauseous and just dance in my happy place.  It’s been a couple weeks since I have been able to get there.

Despite that, there were some frustrating moments.  My spins and spirals are definitely feeling the new heels and have back slid some.  That will require some hard work for sure.  My back lock steps in Cha Cha don’t really want to work, and samba is just plain weird.  Oddly, my standard exercises felt better in my standard shoes.  I think I like the extra stability they provide being less flexible than my practice shoes.

It’s a start though, one day down and as many to go as I want.

I got a call today that I see the radiation oncologist on Thursday and Friday is my radiation planning session which includes at CT Scan, measuring and tattooing.  I was told Radiation will start August 11th and will then last until September 18th.  28 different sessions, every weekday.  I hope it goes by fast.  Thursday I should have a better idea, I hope, of what to expect.

For right now, I am just trying to enjoy and make the most of the little break I have.

Tomorrow I have 4 lessons with a top-level Standard coach and I can’t wait!  I was told we will spend 2 on Foxtrot, 1 on Waltz and 1 on Tango.  We may or may not get to Quickstep.  That’s ok because most of the stuff from Waltz translates to QS pretty well.

I want to share this song that really kept me going when things seemed endless and never ending. It really is like the song of my life: Rachel Platten–Fight Song.

I feel a sense of peace today I haven’t felt in a while. Perhaps it is sinking in that Chemo is really over.

Thank goodness 🙂


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