Cha Cha

And so begins my adventures into keywords….

I chose Cha Cha today because it was the last dance I performed publicly, so it is sticking out the most in my mind.

The first keywords for Cha Cha are ‘playful’, ‘animated’, and ‘fun’.

Cha Cha is a great dance for me.  I find it very free, but the Cha Cha Cha rhythms of it give lots of opportunity to play around with the rhythms by using fun syncopation and sometimes just taking a moment to just stop and breathe.

It’s probably my VW of the latin world–the dance I relate to best that just works for me that I want to do over and over.  I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist with Cha Cha and probably work on it more than my other routines–likely because when I do practice routines, I usually start with Cha Cha.

It’s also my ‘go to’ dance because it fits well with most songs you hear on the radio these days.  It’s been a while since I have been out to a club, but I have a tendency when I do to find myself do some sort of cha cha rhythm by myself on the dance floor.

Now, when I think of Cha Cha technique, that is a whole different set of words–‘straight’, ‘close’, ’tilt’, and ‘shoulder blades’.  Straight reminds me to keep my legs straight (coming from American style where the legs are bent this is key for me), close to remember to take small steps and keep my legs close together, tilt reminds me that if I tilt my hips a little my legs can stay straighter, and shoulder blades to remind me it’s my upper body that is doing a lot of work.

The only thing I might add is ‘flick’, which is how I have to move my feet in order to give the illusion of speed (yep, speed is really just an illusion).

When I do cha cha, I imagine myself as a fun, playful, flirtatious girl.  I am showing off a little, but also playing off of my partner and making him proud to be dancing with me.  If I really let myself into the moment I might even wink, play with looking at my partner and trying to run away.  It’s all a flirtatious game.

It’s pretty funny because other than dancing I really have no idea how to flirt, and ‘playful’ is probably one of the last words others would think of in relation to me.  It’s a side of me I keep pretty hidden and it’s one side of me I hope dancing will help to bring out more.

I guess I am just waiting for Boss to allow it.  We haven’t really played with the character of latin dances much.  It’s like a bit of a carrot he keeps dangling in front of me that I keep waiting for.  Latin detailing.  I hope we will get to it during radiation.  It’s occurred to me lately that Boss, as much as he has worked with me over the last 2 year and is helping to support me through treatment really has no idea about parts of who I am.  Which is ok–I like that he thinks I am a very serious, committed, and disciplined person.

Just means I can surprise him if I am ever allowed to let my playful and fun Cha Cha self out of the box :).


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