I have decided to fill in days between dance with posts specific to how I feel about specific dances.  I don’t know about others, but every dance for me has a series of ‘keywords’ that just come to mind when I think about them or dance them.

Some of them have to do with the tone and character of the dance, while others are specific to what I am focusing on in each dance.

I am dancing 14 different dances right now including American Smooth and each one is an individual for me.  I really can’t say that I like one dance more than another or not.  I love them all in their own way.  It is like having 14 different children.

There are some words that are common to all dances of one style–like ‘stretch’ for standard and ‘confidence’ for latin, but there are definitely words that are different for each.

In a way it’s the easiest way to really bring you into my world when I dance–and it really is my own little world.  As I have said before, I really go into my own world when I dance and it is a form of meditation for me–whether I am practicing alone or dancing with Boss there is always a place that is all my own.

Some of the keywords that describe dance in total for me are ‘power’, ‘confidence’, ‘vulnerability’, ‘openness’ and ‘fairytale’.

Dance really is like a fairytale for me.  No where else in my life do I get to dress up in sparkly things, where a completely huge amount of make-up and feel good about being me and showing off my skills.

It’s easy to live in a bit of a fantasy land when dancing.  It is truly transporting.  It doesn’t matter who my partner is, for me, when everything clicks, he is whomever I want him to be and it is all my secret.

Because no one can really invade my mind and see what is going on in there.

I love doing powerful moves like multiple double reverse spins or pivots and knowing I am ‘owning’ my dance.  I don’t get to experience that often these days, but I take what I can get.

I had one of those moments during my last smooth lesson.  We were running the routine we had developed and I could feel myself free to just dance.  That is what I love about VW.  It is freeing for me and a dance I can just ‘do’.  I can’t explain it any better than that.

It’s been a while since I have been able to social dance.  I think I am missing being able to just hand myself over freely to a leader and be at the whim of what he wants to do.  I don’t really get the chance to just dance with Boss.  At least not without paying a lot of money for it, and there are more productive things to do during my lessons 🙂

I will start with my first dance tomorrow and will just let myself free to to describe it.

Should be interesting.


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