Smooth lesson #2–Viennese Waltz

First–YAY me! I made it through a night without feeling sick of collapsing!

Second–I love Viennese Waltz, and always have.  I just love how it flows and moves and that it is simplistic in it’s steps.  I love the expressiveness of it. It just suits me somehow.

It was a great lesson tonight with Instructor #2.  First we went through a few different steps which we then showed to Boss to see what he liked.  Then we started working on putting together a routine.  We almost had it all done when we ran out of time, but Instructor #2 and I were able to work out an ending and write the entire thing down before she had to leave.

Again, I can’t tell if Boss was please with what we came up with, but I think so.  I know he is pretty distracted right now with the coach coming next week, followed by his family leaving to go visit Russia for 2 months without him and a competition in two weeks (I am not competing, but other students are).  I don’t really know how he does it all.

I was pretty impressed with myself being able to get through the whole lesson (even if it was mostly working out choreography), and I was able to complete my whole practice on top of that for the first time this week.  I feel like I accomplished a lot tonight.  And that I could work on VW endlessly because I enjoy it so much–although Standard VW is very intense and a minute full out is pretty tiring (not trying to imply American VW is easier, I just like working on the choreography).

All in all, it was a good night.  I was almost able to forget about cancer for the first time in a while.  I can feel myself trying to ‘gear up’ for my break and feeling restless.  I hope that after I recover from my last treatment next week I will have some extra energy to get in some extra time practicing before radiation takes my strength again.

Didn’t get to meet with my dressmaker today, unfortunately.  She had something come up and had to cancel.  I hope we will be able to reschedule for next week.  I am eager to get the fabric sorted and even more eager to get an idea of who much these 3 dresses are going to cost me.  I am really stretched to the end of my budget, so I am hoping to spread out paying for them over the time between now and January when they will actually be made to make it more manageable.

Last chemo tomorrow.  It seems very very surreal.  On the one hand I know I will be relieved to have it finally over, on the other it is strange to not have regular treatment for the cancer.  I have to trust that it is all working though, and remember this is all aimed at making sure the chances of it coming back are as low as possible.  I still don’t know what to expect exactly for radiation, but I am sure I will find out.  I just hope it goes as scheduled in 3 weeks (second week of August).  I have a friend going with me tomorrow, and I am very very glad for her to be there.

Just. Keep. Breathing. One more week of side effects.

I hope.

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