‘Fitbit’tting it

I was sick again during practice today and had to stop 😦

but I don’t want to focus on that.

Today I want to talk a bit about my Fitbit.

As I mentioned, I had bought one to use just before I started chemo and have been pretty steady with it.

Unfortunately, when I had a bout of bad side effects 3-4 weeks ago I stopped using it so much and I realized last week it’s been a while since is ‘buzzed’ meaning I achieved my calorie burn goal for the day.  That speaks to how much less active I had been during those side effects.

But I am happy to report I am back on track and I have had the ‘buzz’ almost every day for a week.  Because I have been able to re-motivate myself things are looking good.  Also, being off the steroids I actually have a chance of starting to lose the ‘chemo weight’ and getting passed the plateau I was at before all this started.

The buzzing helps keep me motivated.

I didn’t wear my chemo cap today to practice.  I think over the weekend I decided not to wear them anymore.  Doing so seems to be giving in to the cancer and pretending I am not at the end of chemo.  I have hair now, I want to show it.

Tomorrow is my next lesson with boss.  We will see how that goes….


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