Impressing the Boss

Since my last post was a little depressing, and I like to focus on positives, I want to share a good moment I had this week in my lesson.

On Wednesday, because I am having some difficulty working on standard for a full lesson due to the body aches from treatment and how demanding it is, Boss decided to split the lesson–1/2 on latin, 1/2 on standard.

He decided to work some on rumba, which we haven’t done in a while, and asked me to show him my competition routine.  I started the routine, had a ‘chemobrain’ moment of memory loss and he decided to do it once with me to get it back in my head.  After that, I was able to do the routine on my own and he asked me to repeat a part of it a second time.

Then he asked me when was the last time I practiced the routine.

It was an odd question because he sees me any time I practice and knows I haven’t had the energy to do more than just my exercises for about 5 months now.  I told him I thought maybe February.

His response floored me.  He told me even though I had practiced the routine in that long, it looked like I had been doing it all along.  I had been able to add the elements from my exercises into the routine and it was well improved from the last time we worked on it (which also may have been February).  He was genuinely impressed and pleased.  Our system is working.

Impressing the Boss is hard to do.  I felt like I had been handed a gold star, and to be honest, I had impressed myself.  I could feel there were definite differences. I was more grounded and pressed into the floor and I could feel my body working to move.

From there, he had me do a couple of different elements including spot turns, the transition to the aida and rumba walks to work on specific very small details for each element.  He gave me an exercise for spot turns to use to replace jive while I can’t do it, and I hope we will go over the walks and aida transition again during my next lesson.

It’s been a little while since I have seen Boss so excited at my lessons.  He showed me a diagram about learning he really believes in, which is 3 circles–the biggest is the general information a student is given in a lesson, the middle is what the student is able to work on during practice. The smallest are the finest details that is a combination of the student and knowledge from the teacher and represents the highest level of learning.  He told me during my lesson that I had reached that highest level for latin and because of that we can work on fine details like precise placement and alignment of my back foot in rumba walks.

We ended with foxtrot which is an evolving process, but as I was preparing to practice my exercises, Boss asked me when we would go over exercises again.  I reminded him that we had agreed to do it the last week of July since he is taking vacation the first two weeks of August.  He said we are going to make some changes to my latin exercises–this is also a big deal and progress.  I haven’t changed exercises in more than 6 months–so I can’t wait.

His final words of the night is that if he didn’t know I was sick and receiving chemotherapy, he would never be able to tell it from my dancing.  I am still improving as if I was healthy and able to work at my regular level.

Imagine if I was well…


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