Open Smooth Lesson #1

Tonight was my first lesson working on open smooth routines with a second pro from the area.

Really interesting lesson.  We have a waltz routine more or less on paper.  The execution will be interesting to say the least 🙂

It is interesting working with two pros at the same time and watching their process.  I was doing a lot of observing, but that’s really ok.  At the end of the lesson I was more or less able to run through it with Boss so at least we know I can do it.  Nothing is close to being perfect or even ‘good’ of course, but I can get through all the step.

Of course we haven’t really put it to music yet either.  Now THAT will be the real test.

I am enjoying getting back to smooth a little though, and I think it will be good for me.  I like the expressiveness in smooth that you can’t really do in Standard because you are always in hold.  It’s another outlet for expressing myself and because it is open there aren’t any restrictions to that.

And it’s FUN!

Which is why we are doing the routines in the first place–to do something different just because we enjoy it, and I think that is being achieved with the routines.

Next week it looks like we are going to do Viennese Waltz as the other pro and I have some ideas for that we don’t want to forget.

Boss seems pretty ok with how things are going, but sometimes it is hard to tell with him.  Hopefully he will say next time I see him.

Second last treatment tomorrow, and no steroids.


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