You need a corset!

And that’s how my lesson ended tonight….

I have an issue in standard where being hyperflexible through my back does not help.  It may sound strange, but I don’t really notice when my back does or does not twist away from my hips because the ligaments through my back don’t every feel stretched.

This is a huge issue in standard, and one of my main focuses right now is just developing body awareness–so I can tell by myself when I have moved my hips out of position or not or if I am twisting them in a funny way.  Right now, I only really notice the extremes of the movements.

So, Boss’s solution to try (this time–there have been a lot of trial and errors) is for me to wear something like a corset to help me notice when my hips go in a different direction from my upper body.  But it can’t be a corset because I do need to be able to turn.

So, today I bought a ‘waist cincher’ to see if that will work.  This has been an ongoing issue for quite some time.  We have tried multiple things including taping to see if we can get me to be aware of what my upper body is doing in relation to my hips.  For some reason this isn’t a problem in Latin, although that may be because the movement in Latin is much more natural for me–I don’t have to really control it or think about it.

Standard, I definitely do.  We are just getting into doing movements with a lot of Counter-Body Movement (CBM) in Counter-Body Movement Position (CBMP), so for the first time I have to stop thinking of keeping all of my body in one line like a column, but to allow set ‘blocks’ to move and turn separately.  My instinct is to keep everything together, because in bronze, that is what I needed to do.  So, if my upper body is facing to the corner, so would my hips and feet.  Now, we are working on positions in Foxtrot where my upper body faces the corner, but my hips and feet need to face the back wall.

And it’s not going so well. But the first step is being able to figure out what is going wrong, and at the end of the lesson tonight, something ‘clicked’ together–the ‘Aha’ is that one body part can face one way, while another faces the other.

So we will see where this ‘waist cincher’ and my new understanding takes us tomorrow.


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