Time will tell.

Boss and I finally had a chance to discuss this, and the incident that triggered this issue.

In the end, I acknowledged that I did make a mistake (which I knew), and he acknowledged that he over-reacted to it and apologized.

The other piece to this is that there are some issues in my past which are always going to make me nervous about touching and most especially that a mistake in that area will cause a huge reaction.  It’s something I am working on, but now that we talked, it is something that Boss knows I am sensitive about–which we both agreed is a good thing (the knowledge).

We are shaped by our pasts, and I wouldn’t want to change mine, but like anyone I have scars that took a long time to heal and sometimes open up quickly when I least expect them.

We aren’t going to work on Latin for a little while (at least a long as I can tolerate doing standard), so it will be a little bit before we can really test and see if this is resolved, but I feel a little bit better.  At least now the conversation is open, and it is in a much different place than it was a year and a half ago when the last things said were in anger (on Boss’s part).

Stuff happens. I am just glad to have the stress of talking about that behind me.

On a slightly different note, today Boss told me to stop doing my jive exercises.  He mentioned that watching my practice the last couple weeks, he can see where I am getting weaker, and especially in jive I have reached a point where doing the exercise (which is 1:30 of jive basic), at least at speed with the music, is doing more harm than good because I am so exhausted.

It was disappointing to hear, but it was something it was good to know he was monitoring.  It is not in my nature to stop doing something unless I absolutely need to, and I had been wondering if jive was getting too much.  I am glad we agree it has.  We agreed that I would not do jive until at least a week after I finished my treatments and when I returned I would do it at the start of my Latin practice, not at the end.

We are both keeping an eye my samba practice, as it may be the next victim (and he also said he can tell I am having difficulty doing it).

Glad to know he has my back, even if volatile sometimes.


2 thoughts on “‘Touching’–resolved?

  1. It takes us a while some time, but we do get there eventually. The jive should only be temporary and I have known it was coming. Hopefully it will be the only fatality, and the rest will get through the next two weeks!


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