And the journey is extended….

I got a call today.

I didn’t expect to get a call so soon, but I also didn’t expect the news in it.

The call was from my Plastic Surgeon’s office (yay!), but it was to say that my surgery, which was supposed to be scheduled for the end of October, is actually scheduled for November 26th.  A whole extra month to wait for this journey to be over, and once again a Christmas spent recovering from surgery.  I can’t be declared officially ‘in remission’ until the pathology from the tissue removed during surgery comes back all clear.

So my journey just got extended by a month.

It also means I won’t be able to do the competition in January I was aiming for as I won’t even be cleared to dance again by the time it rolls around.  Have to shift my aim a little to the right and hope to be in good shape for a big competition the end of April.

Disappointing, but there are some small good sides.

I may have an opportunity to compete at a new local competition in October between radiation and surgery.  It’s a new competition though, so hard to say what the level of competition will be like.  Boss says a lot of local pros have said they are going to support it.  We will see.  A decision to be made near the end of radiation for sure.

Boss pointed out that while I have 10 weeks to wait between rads and surgery, that is 10 weeks to dance as much and as hard as I can.

Well, I can’t argue with THAT logic 🙂

It is 10 weeks to work to get myself as strong as possible so I can hopefully recover better from such a major surgery.  Dance will definitely help with that.  Having such a big gap between radiation and surgery I hopefully will be able to get back to work a little bit.  It also gives me a little more time to lose some more weight–although I can’t lose too much because the plastic surgeon needs my belly to make me new breasts.  Talk about a weird catch-22!

Practice was difficult today.  I think I am exhausted in general and fighting my way through practice, while it felt good to finish, took a lot more effort today than usual.  I broke down after I finished my ballet exercises I was so tired.  But I got back up and finished all my exercises in the end.  I am also refusing to wear my dance sneakers any more.  2 more weeks to go, I want to start re-building my muscles for heels, and am going to alternate between my cuban practice shoes and my 2″ flare heel practice shoes and see how is goes.

I think on the one hand, I am tired of making compensations for treatment.  2 more to go.  Just. keep. breathing.

On a positive note, I got my Bronze certificates for both Latin and Standard today 🙂 Another achievement I did during chemo–tested the bronze level in all 10 dances back in February and passed all with distinction.  Working on my silver test now, not sure when that will be–up to Boss in the end 🙂

Lesson tomorrow. Seems like ages since I had one for some reason.  Starting smooth this week too with the other instructor.  Lots to look forward to.

Some are just going to take a little more time to get here.

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