I hate it when he is right! :)

Never got a chance to write yesterday, it was a bit emotional trying to wrap my head around having to re-start treatments.

But, treatment 10 on this drug is done, 2 more Fridays to go.

I did have an interesting dance day yesterday though.

As I mentioned before, Voltas are really like my arch-nemesis step, and no matter how much I did them, they just never seemed to ‘click’ for me to figure out what I was supposed to be doing.  I had asked boss if it would be possible for us to break them down a little more to do them slowly so I can understand what I need to do.

He refused. *sigh*. Gave me a lecture about how he needs me to just keep trying things, especially in latin because history has proven that if he lets me just work through something on my own, then somehow my just figures it out on it’s own.  He told me I already move quite ‘cool’ on my slow voltas going right.  I need to keep trying to figure out how to do the faster ones, and how to do the same movement going left.  He told me to just keep working on them, and eventually they will come together. He actually seemed quite fascinated by the entire process of how I learned things in latin.

So glad he is fascinated 🙂

I, was just frustrated because it seems like I have been working on them forever and just not getting anywhere.  We did make a deal–if another month passed and they still weren’t ‘clicking’ for me and I still couldn’t figure out how to move left we would go over them slowly.

So then I went to practice, and guess what? They started to ‘click’.  I have no idea why, but all of a sudden the movement going right just worked, and I was able to feel myself doing it on the fast ones too.  And, suddenly my body stopped fighting me going left and the movement just started to come together for that direction too.  Not sure how it will progress, but it is something that I can work with.  And just like boss said, my body seems to be figuring it out.

I hate it when he is right, but always glad when he is 🙂

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