Sneakers don’t brush!!

No lesson today, it’s my day off, and tomorrow is a holiday, so no lesson until Thursday.

Other than the exercises yesterday, we also started working on footwork in Foxtrot, and that means brushing.

Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to really practice this until after I finish treatment because due to the pain and swelling in my feet I can only wear practice shoes during my lesson and during practices right now I am stuck wearing dance sneakers to try and keep my feet from getting too bad.

I have learned to strongly dislike the dance sneakers.  They are limiting.  There is only one spot on them where I can spin (I guess I should be glad I can spin at all), but other than that, they don’t slide at all.  Also, because there is no heel, my posture is different and I am not able to be as over my toes as I am in heels.  I especially notice it in latin.

Yesterday was a nice change to work a bit in standard though.  With the showcase and my health, standard has been difficult for me to handle a lot of standard as the position is very hard on my upper body.

It was nice to work on footwork in standard, it’s something I have wanted to work on for a little bit now.  We have been focusing on top line, but now that is coming well and boss noticed that when I do latin I tend to be very grounded and pressed into the floor.  The last time we worked on standard, he told me to move in standard like I do in latin and to think about pressing down as I do it.  Last night he added the brushing for foxtrot.

I can tell it’s going to be a challenge, especially brushing for steps to the toes going forward.  I really don’t like going forward.  Seem unnatural for me to do–I guess because ladies spend a lot of time going backwards??

As much as I like that we are progressing my footwork, I do wish we were doing when I could follow-up what we are doing in lessons in practice.  Unfortunately, sneakers don’t brush!

I guess I will see what we do on Thursday in my lesson.  Boss did mention he doesn’t pay a lot of attention to what I am wearing on my feet for practice, and somehow it doesn’t surprise me.

The one thing I am not looking forward to is the transition back to heels–it’s going to take time to build up my calve muscles again and get used to balancing on a small heel.  Hopefully it won’t be too bad or hard on my feet.  I am already wearing full heels 20 mins at a time when I do my arm exercises (which doesn’t involve moving), so hopefully that is helping.

Until then, dance sneakers and no brushing in practice for me 😦


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