We have an ending!

Just a quick post tonight because it’s been a hard day side effect-wise and I really need some sleep before my usual Thursday appointments tomorrow morning.

My open Cha Cha routine now has a full ending (although, it actually ends with Hustle), so hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow night and we can just run through the whole routine over and over.  I am glad to have an ending but really wish I had been able to better incorporate it. My mind shut down almost immediately into my lesson, which meant I was working on auto-pilot most of the time, and kept missing things I normally wouldn’t have any issue with–like timing.  Everything seemed to be working in slow motion for me.

I have an appointment with a oncology  nurse-practitioner tomorrow which I imagine will be followed by a phone conversation with my medical oncologist.  As much as I am generally positive, I think I may have reached the breaking point for side effects for me.  This week has been particularly hard and this is the second time I have reached what they deem ‘intolerable’.  The first time they reduced my dose by 10%.  This time I am not sure if I am willing to even continue.  The side effects are bad enough that right now I just want to sleep until July 10th–not because I am tired (which I really really am), but because at least when I am sleeping I don’t have to feel any side effects.

It’s been a long 21 weeks.


One thought on “We have an ending!

  1. I just love you. And I just wanted to say that. Thank you for sharing, lovey. I’m rooting for you on so many levels. Take care of you and know you are seen, noticed, appreciated, valued…and, sounds like things are rough right now. ❤💚💜💙💛💝

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