Videos and Dresses

As I mentioned, I absolutely love watching competition videos….usually.

This weekend there was a Grand Slam in Hong Kong and a WDC Competition in Germany and another competition in Montreal.  It was like a bonus buffet 🙂

Except when I started to watch the Grand Slam videos, I couldn’t even finish watching the first round I got so frustrated.  Maybe it was just me, but it seemed almost every couple who they posted in the latin were either a) off time, b) not really dancing with their partner or c) a combination of both.

I have noticed this a lot with WDSF videos lately, especially in latin and it seems to be getting worse not better.  One of the things I love about watching dance is the expression and musicality shown by the couples, but what sucks me in and makes me want to watch them is the connection between them.  Without that connection, I find it, well, boring.  Watching these videos (and they were only first rounds!) I sometimes found it hard to figure out who was dancing with whom–there seemed to be a lot of individual dancers on the floor.

Being someone who struggles with connection and tends to be an individual on the floor (especially in latin), I guess it’s easy for me to recognize that in others.  It is also probably why that is the first thing that attracts me to a couple when they have a great connection–they are showing that which I wish I myself could be capable of (working on it….).

The German videos and Montreal videos were great treats 🙂 Made up for the Hong Kong ones, and probably now it is over I will go and have a look at the final round videos that are posted and see if there is a difference.

Small word on dresses–I am loving some of the current trends in standard dresses right now–especially the use of multiple colours, patterns and designs (which still stay simple and elegant–not too busy), and less ‘all white’.  There are a lot of stripes emphasizing body shape.  I have also noticed that the skirts seem to be a little shorter to show off the ladies footwork better.  I am also liking that the days of ‘ribbon strip floats’ seem to be going past, although there are still some dangling boas, pompoms and giant fuzzies hanging off ladies, but there seem to be more of the classic ‘wing’ floats coming back.


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