All systems seem to say ‘GO!’

I was able to have an extra lesson tonight–and the good news is, at least this week I was able to dance on Saturday.  Things look hopeful I will be able to perform next week.  I love the routine and hope we get it polished in time–or at least to a performable standard.  Still no ending, but we were able to sort through and polish some of the styling, clarify some of the timing and do one full run through without stopping.  It wasn’t the easiest lesson, but it was doable, so I remain optimistic for next week.  Two lessons to decide, then the final decision is mine on Saturday.

I was also able to try on my latin dress and see if it still fits–and Yes! it does.  A little tight in the middle where I am retaining a lot of fluid (lovely chemo side effect, that), but it was even a little loose around the top and back.  I have been working a lot on my back muscles and I have noticed in the last few weeks that they are becoming a lot more defined.  I actually have shoulder blades you can see now.  The best was when my instructor noticed about a month ago–then I knew it wasn’t just me imagining things.

So, if the routine finally comes together, I have a good treatment next week (only 3 more!!) with few side effects, and I am able to get in some good naps before the event–I should be all good to go (knock on wood!).

Another piece of good news is that the medication the nurse practitioner prescribed seems to be working–I have been able to eat like a normal person today without a lot of extreme hunger pain.  I hope that continues because I would like to get back on track with my diet.  They might not let me lose weight during radiation, but I am not sure that is really for them to decide–I think my body will in the end.

About the statement–I did write one in the end. Still haven’t decided whether to say it, but I think I will, if I dance. I will share it with you if I do :).

That’s all for tonight, my lesson has finished me off for today so off to bed for me. I have something in mind for tomorrow though, so talk to you soon.

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