There are good days…then there are…

Today was the first time I had to stop practicing because I became sick.

I was fine one moment doing jive basic, then the next I had pain shoot through my temple and I was dry-heaving in the bathroom.  I think (hope!!) this was just a random occurrence with a lot of things just happening at once.

Just 4 treatments left. Next one tomorrow.  I can do this.

Today actually started out pretty great.  Thursdays always start with mandatory bloodwork in preparation for my Friday treatments, but when I got home I was able to sort a little bit of the pieces from my showcase routine in my kitchen, and have a look at the videos to make some notes for myself for my lesson tonight.

Then my day turned from relaxing to incredibly stressful and I ended up doing a lot of extra running around before going to the studio to take care of some ‘other world’ stuff.  Most of it is resolved, but I have to make some big decisions next week that affect a lot and are keeping my stress levels a little higher than they should be.

All that aside, I still made it to the studio for my usual time. Thursdays are usually when I am strongest but they are a bit of a hybrid–I do half my practice, a lesson, then finish practice.  My first practice went as usual, I only noticed I seemed to be over-heating a bit having a lot of hot flashes (chemo causes an intense form of early menopause we call ‘chemopause’, so hot flashes are almost normal).  Nothing concerning.

My lesson was good, but short.  My instructor ended up arriving late to his first lesson, which put my lesson behind schedule.  Because of my health, I bill in 15 min intervals, so I am his most flexible student to adjust.  To put himself back on time, he took 15 mins from my lesson tonight I will get back later. I wasn’t impressed, but I understood why and he is not usually late. We took some time to work on the styling for the showcase routine, so I can work on my own this weekend to incorporate it with the movements before my lesson next week.

Hard to believe I am still considering performing in just over a week on June 27th.  We are at the point now that my instructor has said we will see how the routine is next Thursday during my lesson, and decide from there whether to do it or one of my competition routines in another dance.  He keeps saying ‘jive’, which is a good dance for me…when I don’t have legs going to jelly after 45 seconds.  I asked him to reconsider his ‘back-up’ dance for something else.  Hopefully, the open routine will be good to go and we won’t even need it.  All of this is assuming I am physically able to dance that night–which will be determined that day.

But I digress–after my lesson I resumed my regular practice as normal and felt fine until I wasn’t.  It was so disheartening and scary to become sick so suddenly.  I am so close to getting through all my treatments and still being able to dance, so I hope hope hope this is an isolated event.  There is one thing I can think of–I treated my cats with flea drops today, and it is possible that the drops on their coat are what is making me sick.

A few silver linings to today–my instructor told me a really awesome coach for standard will be coming back to town in Mid-July.  I worked with her once before at Easter during the first half of chemo and I wasn’t very strong then.  She is coming more than 10 days after my last treatment so I should have more of my strength back and that will be great!  My instructor wants her to go through all 4 of my standard routines with me (no need for a routine in Viennese Waltz) to do some styling and ‘lady’ stuff.  I can’t wait for her to come back and am glad to have something to look forward to!!

I also received an invitation from ‘Beautiful Girl in the Ballroom’ to join the Ballroom Village.  I am flattered to have been noticed by her as I have been following her blog for quite some time, and have found it inspirational in my own journey.  It’s like running into a celebrity 🙂


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